Rodolfo Guzmán


After forming a part of the team of many important restaurants in Chile and In Europe, passing through all positions in the kitchen, Rodolfo Guzmán built his own restaurant at the end of 2006, Boragó.   Where he runs a kitchen based in the Chilean territory and its Seafood, products from the native Forests, Valleys and Mountains, respecting what the Earth is capable of giving us at any given moment, just like the Mapuches and Pehuenches proposed, but not only this.

Rodolfo, with his team have dedicated themselves to document the uses y properties of all that is endemic Chilean life. Exploring new possibilities, through a collaboration of more then 200 people from foraging communities and small producers from the entire length of Chile. This for years, has allowed access to a product unique in all the world, with a huge cultural weight, transformed by a true ritual, to represent the temperament of the Chilean environment, looking  back in time into our natives to shape the future of Chilean cuisine.