STAGES or Interns

We have trained many cooks in the restaurant, and this number is only growing. Many times these people are chilean natives, but also coming from distinct areas over the world. Today we have implemented a 6 month program where stages can, in 5 months, in the kitchen, pass between the 5 stations. When this is completed, they will be brought for one month to our test kitchen. Here we have a rythm very different from the kitchen, and at atmposhere that very distinct. It’s very important to us that stages have the oportunity to do things like work on our biodynamic farm cutting vegtables, or helping Renato organize the fresh milk.   

Weather it be cutting mushrooms from the native forests, searching for plants in the rocks in the central coast, or up in the Andes mountains at 3,000 meters, This is our week to week routine. It is important that people understand the role that we are working in developing. It’s a new way to think about food and a territory like chile.  At the same time we believe that it’s fundemental that the stages understand the large difference that exists between a cook and a client. At the end of a 6 months stage we would like the invite each stage to come to the restaurant as a guest to experience our tasting menu called Endémica. Starting in 2015 we have decided that in this program we will can not let anyone that passes through our kitchen forget to live this experience. 

The reason is very simple. We need that the stages understand not only the collaboration and importance that exists behind the restaurant, but also the 200 different people all along the length of chile, that are cutting the food from the ground for us. This for us represents the most deeply intertwined roots of our culture, and reflects a long line of collaboration. 

The ‘stages’, are how we call the interns that are equally important to us as the customers. We know that many times the work will not be easy in a kitchen like ours, but apart from that, we realize that its a distinct experience, that can contribute to the careers of these stages, and will give information that will be useful for their whole lives.

All of the knowledge that we have aquired in our journey, would be pointless if we weren’t able to transpass this information to future generations and to other people who can utilize it with the end goal being; learning and better understanding the real valor of food. We have accumulated a large pool of information from our native tribes and their past, to be able to connect this learned information with possibilities of the future of Chilean cuisine.