"Tradition always can be improved with knowledge"

From the year 2006 Rodolfo and his team have dedicated themselves to deepen, explore and document the food and territory of Chile, representing the cultural charge that these unique ingredients in the world have, and how they have been used by the Mapuches, not only as food, but also in a connection with the earth.

Today we believe that these ingredients can transform a real revolution with the objective being to explore new possibilities in the Chilean territory and its culture. We look back to our indigenous culture to understand the better possibilities of the Chilean cuisine.

CONECTÁZ intends to transform into a tool to connect, share, transmit, and build a close relationship with the native cuisine of Chile, From the territory to the people, through knowledge. Understanding the fundamental role that the people who cut the food, that we eat, from the ground carry. Searching to connect our past with the future through food and its real valor. We are conscious of the challenges that come with the future of food.

CONECTÁZ is a Project lead by Rodolfo, interacting with cooks and experts in many fields, collaborating to catalogue one of the most important endemic pantries in the world; The Chilean Territory.

CONTEMPLATING, Categorizing and cataloging from the mountain range of Los Andes all the way to the Coasts; from the north to the south of the country, Classifying terrains of different types and spaces related to the geography and the culture. At the same time searching to identify different species that not only could be delicious but also could feed many people in a healthy and sustainable way in the close future.

To do this we can watch how these species grow, from which date until which they can be harvested, and how to cut the food from the ground without hurting the environment. We can find how to cook these foods, if they have health implications on a worldwide scale, if they have medicinal properties, who was eating them, and where they were eaten 1000 years ago. This dictionary of the Chilean territory and its food is intended to help not only cooks, but also people who might be interested in learning and pioneering new enterprises with the food of tomorrow in our country.

INVITING to consider this tool as a bridge of interaction between those who cut the food from the ground, those who cook it, and those who eat it. This information will be available to be shared and spread.

CONECTÁZ IS LOCATED in our Test Kitchen, where the R+D Team of the restaurant works in permanent collaboration with biologists, anthropologists, archeologists, nutritionists, doctors, among other specialists, with the end goal being to catalogue and generate publication material.