Due to our eagerness to reflect what the soil can give us at the right time, we bring you the best product coming from a small, uncommon corner of the planet, that we consider priceless.

Our tasting menus combine and collect the best endemic produce from the Chilean territory; they represent a progressive evolution throughout the whole year.

A large part the food is cut from the ground directly by us, as through small producers and foraging communities from all over the country, which is the reason why the dishes may change at any instant, even during a single service.

The tasting menus may only be served to the table as a whole.

Water The water that is served in Boragó comes from the rain in the Patagonia,  treated as an extremely pure natural resource.

Milk The milk that is used in our recipes, and most impotantly of all, in our ice creams, is milked by us and comes from cows raised in a natural way in our fields.

Wines We dont promise a set wine list, because we don’t believe in eternally saving labeled bottles of wine in our bodega. We work with a pool of wines and winemakers that is permenantly changing, the large majority being projects that are based in family passion. These small wineries are able to accurately project the adversely different conditiones in the Chilean territory. Occasionaly these projects have fantastic results, in order to see these results, we are the ones to commit to find those occasions .

Vegtables We commit ourselves to our farm that sits only 30 minutes from the restaurant, where we grow the vegetables our own way, taking advantage as best of possible to grow in the most natural form possible, but at the same time always searching for new possibilities.

Foraging We see the restaurant as a support, because one day we could be cutting a wild fruit that only grows 3 weeks a year at 3500 meters in hieght, and the next day we could be in a native forest cutting mushrooms that only grow there in the world.

Sea We work without the middleman, sourcing all products directly from the fisherman.

Communities of foragers and small producers, We work with more than 200 people across the whole country, and they have the same amount of protaganism as the rest of team. Unfortunately they are not visible daily in our dining room, but without them we couldn’t give not even 10% of the food that we offer.